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What does it Mean to Believe in God?

Do you believe in god? What does that mean, really?

I was asked a question at a recent presentation, and the point of the question was that references to god may offend some people. I had been under the impression that my habit of not referring to god might offend people (although, truthfully, there is never anything to be offended about). So, when I refer to the energy of the Universe, the life force, the creator, the absolute, source of all creativity, I often also add: “or god, if you like.”

But some people do not believe in god.

Time to Arise

Are the following statements true or false? Moses talked with God in a burning bush. Jesus rose from the dead. Joseph Smith received many visions from an angel. Mohammed also received a vision from an angel.

In fact, each of the statements is false. These stories are myths. People nowadays understand that the Greek gods - Zeus, Venus, Neptune, et al. - were mythological; same with the Native American spirits. Why do people not also see the mythological aspects of their own religions, while often missing the main tenets of the spiritual teachings?

The Basics of Love, Fear and Forgiveness

Peace is possible. Human life on earth can change and we can have love, not war. Fear can be recognized as the disability that it is. I believe we are all one, in perfection. LOVE. We – all things - are manifestations of the same energy of the Universe. That energy is love. That energy is peace. Unity and connectivity are love. Truth is love. Art is love. Some may call the energy “god,” but humanizing the energy does not do justice to its all-ness. Love is literally all around us, in each moment.

What is a relationship with god?

What does it mean to have a relationship with god? Certainly, it means having a connection or communication with the divine.

How is this relationship actualized? Through prayer to the divine?

What is a prayer? Isn't prayer simply directing our thoughts in a certain direction? If we think that god is outside of us, and we pray to god, then we direct our thoughts to some being outside.

Love, Fear and Social Security

The current dialogue about Social Security reflects much more about distinct metaphysical and spiritual beliefs than financial or budgetary analysis. Those who favor the status quo for this grandfather of social experiments reflect love-based thinking, while those who want to privatize it engage in fear-based rationalizations.

First, take a moment to understand the underlying principles from my book, [Peace and Forgiveness][book]. Humans are essentially a divine energy at their core, which they (we) share with all other living and even inanimate things in the universe.

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