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To create more jobs, we should revise corporate fiduciary duties

In previous posts, I noted the fact that big companies have a ton of cash right now. So, when people complain about not having jobs, rather than blaming it on the government, shouldn't they be looking to the companies with the money? Don't know what that's not occurring to people.

So, consider that it's our free market system that's not creating jobs, even when there's plenty of money, when the financial and many other sectors have already recovered. Wouldn't we want our capitalistic economy to deliver jobs when we need them?

A Lack of Faith in the Future = Fear

It’s important to try and understand what’s really driving the acerbic attitude in our country. I explained in the last blog that the reason companies are sitting on piles of cash and not hiring is that they are essentially afraid. A lack of certainty and confidence both are fear. So, we know the upper crust has fear or they would be spending money. “Scared to spend” is what USAToday called it in an article on July 28, 2010.

The captains of industry have been cost cutting to increase revenues and profits, demanding increased productivity, but refusing to hire.

How to create confidence

We’ve just heard that businesses in the United States have a ton of cash, but they don’t want to spend it.

Time to change

It’s time to change our minds. Collectively, we really need a paradigm shift. The current mindset of humans, at least what we read and hear about all the time and in the media, is in desperate straights and needs a makeover.

Consider this; watched the HBO show Pacific. The Americans and Japanese killed each other with reckless abandon. We dropped the bomb on them. Now they’re our friends.

Used to fight the Germans and Italians, before that the British. Now, they’re our friends. Why all this fickle fighting and killing?

Now we fight the al-qaeda guys.

What’s really driving the Health Care debate.

We’ve seen some rancorous discourse around the recent debate on efforts to reform health care in the country. I am personally in favor of universal heath care; I believe we should take care of our fellow citizens. That’s my political position. But there are serious philosophical underpinnings to the debate along liberal and conservative lines.

Conservatives want to conserve what works for them. They believe the purpose of government is mainly to defend us against foreign enemies. So, they are supportive of the army, navy, air force, and marines.

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