Why Can’t Everyday Be Like Sunday?

I wake up Sundays and read the paper with coffee on the front porch. Two cups. Then, I go for a bike ride. The traffic is not frenetic; people actually wave when I go by. They let the other guy go first.

Saturday is about the same. We go for a run on the Canal. I stare up at the trees and the sky and think how unbelievable it is to even be alive. I’m amazed that there’s an earth, sun, and moon. I’m amazed there are birds, dogs, bees, flowers, or anything I see.

There is a peace about Sundays, and the weekend. Everyone is just doing. Everyone is nice (mostly). The world from my perspective could not be better.

The other days are different. Get up, one cup. Exercise quickly, shower, shave, go to work. Sit inside all day pushing electronic paper. Enjoy it intellectually. But it gets in the way of life.

I know we have to work to live, but why so hard anymore? Don’t we have enough stuff? Why are companies pushing people to work harder and harder? In the 1960’s, lawyers in DC worked maybe 1200 to 1600 billable hours a year. Now they want about 1900. We all seem to be working harder and not getting ahead. Some people are; some folks are making tons of money, usually off of other people’s work.

Seriously, life is very short. If I live to be 90, I have about 35,000 more hours to live. That seems like a lot, but it’s not forever. I don’t hold out hopes for a heaven. I think it’s better to assume there is not, and that puts TODAY in a wholly different perspective. It may be my last. Ever.

Humans go around fearing all sorts of things: other people, other nations, not having enough, too much taxes, sex, not being good enough, offending God, you name it.

But not enough time just looking up at the sky at night and watching the half-full moon grow to full; it’ll be up most of the night all this week, and full on Friday. It lights up the night, so that it’s almost day. But, you know, the moon is always full; only in our limited earth-bound perspective is it not. The sun is always out, too. It’s always a tremendous, glorious, perfect day, even when it’s hot as hell or raining. It’s always perfect.

So, I truly believe that people should spend more time appreciating life and less time fighting about it. I can’t understand those who plot to kill other people. We are all other people. We fought the Japanese and Germans in WWII. Now, they are our friends. We’re fighting a bunch of extremists who still are thinking with a seventh century mind set. Dogma and believe in mythical Gods set humans at each other’s throats.

Hey, We Have Enough Already! There’s plenty for everyone if we all would just settle down and appreciate each day like it were Sunday. I know we can do it, because I do most of the time, and many friends do, and many many more do, too. But the anger drowns out their voices. Anger only comes from fear and is way overrated. We don’t have to be angry about so much stuff.

I think we should work at our jobs 2 days and take 5 off. Okay, maybe 3 with 4 off. We’d still have enough. The other days we could just help other people, enjoy nature, play music, sing, exercise, have fun. We can unite to help other people who do need assistance, like after storms or if they have less than we do. I know, I’m not perfect now and I should do more. But we’re all just trying to get along here.

I don’t blame other people. I’ve learned to look at others as blameless. But I do wish the angry folks would learn how not to be so angry.

One thing that would be great, though, is if everyone acted like everyday was Sunday.


Jeff this is lovely. I don't know how I missed it but I didn't realize you were doing this... Really glad to find your columns!
Lis (Elissa Myers)