Refusing to let go of 9/11 keeps fear alive

I know that our country suffered a serious and hateful attack on 9/11/01. It was awful. I am sorry for the loss of life. I’m also sorry for the loss of life in the Middle East, Somalia, and wherever people are killing other people. It makes no sense. It is insane what humans do to one another. Completely insane. When one considers that this may be our only chance at life, and what a gorgeous planet earth we have, suicide bombers, murderers, and all those who kill for whatever reason keep us from peace.

But wallowing in self-pity is not helpful. Reliving the angst and refusing to let go of the anger and desire for vengeance simply continues the angst, anger, and vengeance and does not lead to peace or peace of mind.

Yet I read today in the Washington Post the following:

“The wounds of 9/11 will never heal …” Arun Gandi Institute for Nonviolence

“The human condition makes healing impossible …” Susan Smith Advent United Church of Christ

Healing is letting go of the past, forgiving the past, if you will. Being healed is learning to love and live in the present without angst, anger, and vengeance. To say that we can never let go of 9/11 or that being human means never finally being able to heal is to condemn our species to continued war and murder.

Only if we believe that we can live in peace will we be able to do it. It’s fine to recall 9/11 and feel the sorrow of lives being lost so tragically, without reason, and forever. But if we don’t let it go, we will continue to have fear in our hearts and our spirits will suffer unnecessarily. Dwelling on 9/11 and making us continuing victims is rooted in fear and keeps fear alive. Being afraid to forgive is actually the choice to remain in what seems like the more comfortable state of anger, which for some reason has become fashionable in our world. It does not lead to peace.

I believe that is it simply better to live and love in the moment, without fear and anger. I don’t feel anger on this day. I only feel sorrow that people can’t get it together to love one another and banish war and hate from the earth. I feel that if you and I can love and not kill, murder, or hate, then everyone can. That is the cornerstone of my faith. My faith is in us and our world, in spite of the learning that we collectively still need to do to get there.