Team CEO Corporate America is Haynesworthing

Did any of you see this at HuffPo: At the Aspen Institute, big corporate CEO’s were slamming the President and variously comparing him and the Government to Hitler, Mussolini, Marxism, socialism, etc. So, I’m thinking, how would you describe what they’re doing in simple terms?

Basically, here are the captains of industry and leaders of the free world economy (who make literally millions each year personally) griping, moaning, and complaining about the Government’s failure to create jobs. Not that they would really want the government to create jobs, because everyone knows that businesses create jobs. The Government, headed by the President (who is really only sort of like a coach), has been trying to stimulate the economy and pull us out of the mess that was the early part of the 21st Century. But the CEO’s – the star players in the U.S. economy - are whining about the “uncertainty,” their lack of confidence, and the possibility of more taxes or regulations.

So, imagine the United States is like a football team, say the Washington Redskins. The Skins are paying Albert Haynesworth about $100 million to play football. You’d think he would be the team leader, demonstrate the biggest effort, and run all over the guys on the other team, because he is the MAN! With his talent and determination, when he puts it out there, he can lead the team to victory!

But, woe is him; he doesn’t like the way the coach has been treating him. The coach told him he wants him to be a big part of the team, but that he has to work real hard and show he’s ready to play. However, Albert doesn’t really like the 3-4 defense. He doesn’t like to work out with the team and practice with them. He’s been injured a lot, and whines and complains about things.

Are we seeing any similarities here?

I think we’d all agree that Fat Albert ought to get off his butt, get in shape, play with 110% energy and emotion, and lead this team out of the doldrums, and to the Super Bowl. Yea!

And maybe, since big corporations are experiencing record profits and have the highest levels of cash on hand in history, their CEO’s could act like leaders and captains, and hire some people! Unemployment is at 10% but if more jobs were created, it would improve confidence in the economy and in the country. Just think, the highest paid players on Team USA could lead us out of this mess by just spending some money. Rather than sit on the sidelines and whine, they could be leading the charge out of this recession (that was not caused by the unemployed, by the way).

Robert Samuelson said in the Washington Post on August 30, 2010 that, “The recovery is a creature of confidence, or its absence.” It’s just all about attitude.

Rather than blaming others, the CEO’s could accept the responsibility their positions give them, and start working together to get the economy hiring again. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce could call together a summit and have all the big company CEO’s agree with much fanfare to start hiring more people and give the financial system a shot in the arm. The CEO’s could start instilling confidence, rather than fanning the flames of vitriol.

But, I’m guessing, they’re just going to keep on Haynesworthing.