Time to change

It’s time to change our minds. Collectively, we really need a paradigm shift. The current mindset of humans, at least what we read and hear about all the time and in the media, is in desperate straights and needs a makeover.

Consider this; watched the HBO show Pacific. The Americans and Japanese killed each other with reckless abandon. We dropped the bomb on them. Now they’re our friends.

Used to fight the Germans and Italians, before that the British. Now, they’re our friends. Why all this fickle fighting and killing?

Now we fight the al-qaeda guys. Who will we be fighting in the 22nd century? Or maybe it’s time for a change?

In this country, the good old US of A, we pride ourselves at being the “best.” But frankly, I think our attitudes stink. The Tea Party is angry about everything and confidence levels our down. Listen, we had a surplus and peace, then started two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Repubs ran up the deficit to record numbers, and caused the worse financial crisis in a couple generations, and - everyone is mad at President Obama! Makes no sense.

We are not on the same page! We are not acting like humans, we’re acting like fire ants. Who can be the most angry? I am really tired of the selfish behavior and we are gonna change it. It’s like the human family on earth is in a mid-life crisis. We need to go from who we’ve become to who we truly are.

We are beautiful people, lucky to be alive, and experiencing probably the only life we’ll ever know. Want to bet that there’s an afterlife? If you lose, I win, because I don’t think any heaven could be as amazing as this place we’re at right now.

So, I’m working on a new book called A New Perspective on Faith. I’m going to tell about my life experiences, how I’ve learned to overcome fear, and how I think every moment is precious. If you’d rather think life sucks and people are awful and evil, then go ahead, but take your anger and negativity someplace else, because we’re gonna create a new life for ourselves. Now.

Originally posted on Tumblr July 13, 2010