If You Were in Heaven; What Would You Do?

We seem to think of heaven as a nice place with lots of clouds and angels. But I recently wondered, what if I actually was in heaven, what would I do there? I suppose hang around the pearly gates with St. Peter, chat it up some with Jesus and the Blessed Virgin, and sing some angelic music with Gabriel. Apparently, in the Muslim faith, if one dies a martyr, there will be lots of virgins to occupy the time. What else?

Would you watch TV. Play video games. Work 40 hours a week doing something you’d rather not do. Try to speed ahead of other denizens of paradise on the heavenly highway. Try to make more money. Steal other peoples’ ipods. Manufacture guns and ammo. Build bigger and more powerful weapons systems. Hate people from other galaxies. Burn witches at the stake. Eat creatures that were different than you. Kill the [fill in the blank].

I asked my wife; she said she’d want to go on long runs and always feel like it was her best one ever. And take long walks through the woods and along the river with the dog.

If I were in heaven, I'd want to just get out and appreciate my time there. Live in amazement at how wonderful it is. Walk around looking at the heavenly trees and plants, funny angel chipmunk beings, and flying angelic birds. Try to help people on earth realize how nice their planet is and learn to love one another.

Then I thought, what if heaven is everywhere?