A New Perspective – Brookmont Vespers – May 31, 2009

I believe in peace. I believe we all can achieve peace of mind, and that the world can be at peace. I believe we can eradicate war, murder, rape, and hate. I don’t know how many people believe this, but if we don’t believe, how will we ever achieve it?

So, I think it’s time for a new perspective. It is time for all of us to see life on earth in a new way. If one voice can change another’s mind, then that one voice can change the world. Each of us can change the world.

I have concluded that there are only two states of mind: love and fear. Love is the oneness and interdependence of all things. Love is the energy of life. Art is love, family is love, the forest is love, the sky is love. Tenderness, compassion, empathy, joy, laughter; all love.

Love is not just the perception of oneness; everything already is one. All that’s observable or knowable is united at the fundamental level of being; at the molecular level, there is no separation at all between anything. The core essence of every human, cat, dog, tree, fish, everything, is that fundamental underlying energy that I call love. There can be no tree without the forest, and no fish without the sea.

And how amazing it is that we are, at all! The earth is rotating around at about 1,000 miles an hour, and the earth circles the sun at 67,000 miles per hour, and the Milky Way galaxy is hurtling through space at 1.3 billion miles an hour; and we are sitting here looking at each other! Knowing about life based on what science teaches helps give us perspective.

For example, did you know the human body has about 10 trillion cells, but the number of bacteria living in the body of an average person outnumbers human cells 10 to 1! There are over 500 different types of bacteria in your intestine! Might the earth just be a living organism just like us, with hordes of people, worms, birds, etc. just along for the jaw-dropping ride? What do you think is the earth’s perspective of us?

And, could our lives on this special blue planet perhaps be our perfection? If a flower blooms, and then dies, isn’t that moment of bright and colorful life, the flower’s perfection? Couldn’t this earth actually be heaven? How could anyone ever think up a place as perfect as this round home of ours? We have blue skies, snowcapped mountains, rushing rivers, and more species of plants and animals than we can even count. We live a miracle every moment. We need water to live, and so it just falls right out of the sky to us, or rushes by our feet. Food grows up right out of the ground, or runs by us. The sun warms us, and literally lights our lives. What is not to be thrilled about each second?

The problem I think is humans’ limited perspective. We have a hard time seeing and understanding all this. We perceive that we are separate. We’re afraid that we will not be loved, are unlovable, that we will not be with God – meaning, with love – forever. This perception of separation is fear. And fear is what keeps us from love. Our fears – basically our thoughts - of one another keep us from world peace. Nations, cultures, and religions can exacerbate the perceptions of separation. We can do it. We can bring peace. It all depends on how you look at love, and life.

But the topic of the day, as Peter Ainslie has discussed it, is going within; seeking the divine within. Why should we do that?

Well, from my perspective, we need to go within to identify our fears, so that we can understand that they are simply illusions - only perceptions of our separateness. We can not address our fears from outside ourselves, because our fears are entirely within. When we acknowledge our fears – basically anything that is not love or loved based is fear – we can remove those fears. And then we will find there is only the love and peace of the divine remaining for us to cherish.

So, we go within to banish the perceptions of our separateness and to understand that we are one, there is only oneness, and we are one with everything. We are – simply - love.