If There Never Was A Jesus…

There Never Was a Jesus.

What if that were true? It is, of course. There never was a son of god who walked on water, cured the sick, or died and rose again. No virgin mother, either. If that’s heresy to you, could you please indulge me for a moment and just hypothetically assume it true?

So, then, what would you believe in?

If there were no saints, or sinners, heaven or hell, what would your life be about? What would the god of your prior beliefs want you to believe?

Would a god want you to think this life was miserable, and this earth he created simply the stage for some morality play to test us? Would a god want you to believe that he was going to reward some people with unending bliss, but consume others in perpetual fire? Would he even want you to determine how to act based on fear of that fire?

So you think that god would really countenance people killing other people or blowing themselves up in the hopes of living in a better place? Would that god want some humans to have more wealth than they could ever use and others to live with nothing, in abject poverty? Would he really care who you had sex with?

Would that god have been proud of his beings enslaving others of his creation? Would he think it grand that people living in different “nations” hated one another, or that some people felt superior to others based on the color of their skin or what they thought about him?

My answer to these questions is a resounding no. But a belief in false mythical images of god, or Jesus, Krishna, Allah, Buddha, often leads people to answer yes to these questions. The so called great religions of the world are truthfully more like idolatrous cults, with beliefs based on fear and separation from god.

Wouldn’t that god image really want people to love one another? Wouldn’t he want them to appreciate - truly appreciate - this earth? Wouldn’t he want us to absolutely enjoy each moment of the brief light of our existence on this planet? Wouldn’t he want us to rejoice in his handiwork, rather than worship him? Why would such a god have a psychological need to be worshipped in the first place? Wouldn’t he want us to believe that this heaven some seek is right here, right now?

It is time for the primitive fear based religious thought pervasive among humans to be washed away. It is now the moment in history when we collectively say, “Enough, how could we have been so silly?” We must change the perspective of the human race, in order to continue on the path of life. And it’s really all very simple; we just need to understand love. Oneness is love.

When we understand our unity with everything, then our world will change and be that perfect heaven we seek. We can go on from here facing the challenges of living with love for everyone. Our lives should presume love for all on the planet, not be asphyxiated in perpetual fear of other people or their ideas.

While others may place their faith in myths, false gods, or some sort of life after death, my ultimate faith is in love, here and now, and that we will come to understand it.