The Gift of Christmas

If there never was a Jesus,

Where would that leave us?

Some scholars say, he never was,

A pagan myth, believed because

We hope so much for love and grace

And, upon our deaths, an eternal place.

Yet the spirit of Christmas is clear.

We’re with family, and friends most dear.

We feel love, and joy, and peace,

And from our day jobs, we get some release.

Most important, though, at least to me,

Is the spirit of Oneness, the truth that we

All are given this glorious life;

Warm home, loving children, a wonderful wife.

But also the birds that swoop through the sky,

The river that rushes, the clouds up so high,,

And the ability to know: we get what we give.

When we understand this, we begin to live.

And if we give love, I truly believe.

Then that is what we all will receive.