The Basics of Love, Fear and Forgiveness

Peace is possible. Human life on earth can change and we can have love, not war. Fear can be recognized as the disability that it is. I believe we are all one, in perfection. LOVE. We – all things - are manifestations of the same energy of the Universe. That energy is love. That energy is peace. Unity and connectivity are love. Truth is love. Art is love. Some may call the energy “god,” but humanizing the energy does not do justice to its all-ness. Love is literally all around us, in each moment. We are these physical manifestions only for a short time, so this life also is our perfection. This life on earth is paradise. Heaven is everywhere. We only need to see it.

FEAR. Humans have limited perception, not unlike puppy dogs or fruit flies. So, we have fears. The most basic fear is not having love; some might say not being with god. This fear presents itself as the fear of dying and of the future. All things that are not love-based are fear-based. All anger, war, hate, depression, rape, defensiveness, rage, separation, greed, lying, judgment, murder, attack, racism, sexism, low self-esteem, addiction, religious fundamentalism, and everything that is not love is based on fear. There is no evil or sin; these are man-made concepts designed to control others. There is no right or wrong in the Universe. There is really nothing to fear, ever.

FORGIVENESS. Forgiving is simply letting go, letting go of fear. Forgiveness means releasing the past and the future and accepting the present. Forgiving does not mean confessing sins or require a long process of atonement. Forgiving is not limited to releasing a wrongdoing or wrongdoer. Forgiveness of oneself is the most important of all. Forgiving releases fear and leads to peace; not forgiving retains the fear. Those who do not forgive bear the burden of fear and do not have peace.

PEACE. Peace of mind – the most enduring happiness – and peace in our world are present now. We only need to remove the blinder of fear that prevents us from having love and peace all the time. Fear causes us to hate, attack, make war, and separate ourselves from each other by nation, religion, and race. Since we are all the same, when we judge, condemn, and kill, we actually judge, condemn, and kill ourselves. When we make war, we make war on our own peace.

If we could only see the love and perfection, we’d have peace. If we’d understand our fear, we’d have peace. Like the Berlin Wall, our fear can crumble and disappear. We can change our global mind, one person at a time, and change the paradigm of human existence. It can happen in an instant if we want it.