Peace is Ours if We Want It

I don’t think it should be so hard to have peace in our world. Many people believe, or at least accept, that war is inevitable. That’s just a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Throughout history, the human race has believed things that weren’t true, or assumed some things weren’t possible. Everyone thought the earth was flat; they sure were wrong. I don’t think the Founding Fathers could ever have imagined one might travel across the land in a metal machine on wheels and easily go 6o miles in an hour. And certainly they wouldn’t have considered it possible to fly in the sky like the birds, much less go to the moon. My mother never would have thought she could watch live action thousands of miles away on television, or talk to someone that far away on a phone without wires.

Some refused to believe these things were impossible. Now, we all believe almost anything is possible.

But, what about peace? People don’t seem to think they can have peace of mind. They’re so used to being stressed and full of anxiety all the time. They assume life’s a bitch and then you die. And so many presume insane thugs will always be around to prevent peace. They assume humans are bad and evil. Not me.

I believe that you, me, and everything are made of the life force, the energy of the Universe, and that energy is ultimately peace. That peace is pure love. So, that’s what we really are, too. Love.

And this crazy mixed up world is perfect. We’re here only a short time, so this is our perfection. Heaven is everywhere.

Yet, because of our limited perceptions, most don’t see this. Instead, they have fears. Ultimately, the fear of not having love or being with god, and the fear of dying. All anger, war, hate, attack, depression, rape, murder, control, and everything that is not based on love is rooted in these fears.

If you think of it, people are afraid of so many things, it often defines them. They are afraid of not having enough money. Afraid other people won’t respect them. And very often afraid that their religion or way of life is under assault.

Man would not attack if he wasn’t afraid; would not kill if he wasn’t afraid. One would not lie if not afraid of the truth, and would not steal if not afraid of want.

People don’t need fear. We just have to learn to let it go, to forgive. In the end, everything is past and released. The past and the future can not harm you, unless you let them. The Universe forgives; don’t fight the Universe.

It will only take a paradigm shift to transform a world in which humans killed one hundred million other humans in the twentieth century alone. All because of fear. We don’t need to do that. We can learn to do better.