Happy Thanksgiving!

There is so much to be thankful for; the energy of the Universe, this wonderful planet, all living things, our families and friends. Thankfulness is a "love-based" emotion. When we are thankful, ultimately we are appreciative of the love and peace we have in this life.

Would it not also be nice if we could be thankful for these things:

That there were no wars anymore.

That there were no killings, or beheadings, or executions.

That there were no rapes, or sexual predation, or hate crimes.

That people were not afraid of one another.

That people realized how insane some of their "fear-based" behavior really is, and that they did not need to judge one another any more.

Do you believe war is inevitable? Do you believe man is evil? Do you believe your god roots for you or your country over others?

If you do, then the reason we cannot yet be thankful for these things I mention is because of your beliefs, your surrender to fear.

I believe in peace, and today, on Thanksgiving Day 2004, I am thankful for for that belief and for the peace I know we can all have.