The Upcoming Elections; Why are We So Afraid?

The elections are upon us. Both candidates try to make us afraid so we'll vote for them. And, of course, we have plenty to be afraid of: the terrorists, a jobless economy, high taxes, poor health care, rising oil prices, the right to choose life, ineffective alliances, the high cost of many unnecessary drugs, lagging education, gay marriage, the inability to use guns, etc.

Is there anything we're not afraid of? Aren't we even afraid of not being afraid of something?

Although many blame the candidates for fear mongering - and they certainly are - the real issue is the people. It is the people of this country who are so afraid. Americans think they are the best, smartest, most creative, hardest working, best looking, most athletic, richest and most blessed humans on the planet, and therefore the most entitled. We have about the highest standard of living in the world, so we're really afraid of losing what we have, aren't we?

Why? Do all these material things - cell phones, DVD's, mp3's, fancy cars - make us happy?

It seems we're also afraid of having to pay for all the things we collectively through the government provide to ourselves; no one wants to pay more taxes, but shouldn't we be more than glad to contribute our share of support for all the people of the country and, actually, of the world?

Sometimes it seems that we're the most afraid of just accepting who we are, that we're the same as other people, and realizing that any god would love us all. And we're afraid of forgiving, because then we wouldn't have anything to be afraid of, would we?

Wouldn't it be nice if we could vote on the basis of love and peace for all, rather than our perceived differences and fears?