The Olympics are a good example that we're the same

What did you notice about the Olympics? Did you see how the swimmers looked all alike and swam at almost the same speed? Did you see the synchronized divers? How about the runners racing around the track?

Even though the athletes were from all over the planet, from every corner of the earth, there was a distinct similarity. Same as the spectators, too. People from every nation, culture, and religion are the same when you get right down to it. When you watch the Olympics, it's easy to see that we're all the same.

Sure, there was fierce competition. Every one of them was trying to be the best, to win the gold. That's what we humans do; we strive to achieve perfection. We want the peace that means we have done well, that we are loved.

And this competition happened without violence. Men and women performed as best as they could at these various human defined contests without killing and dismembering one another. Some won, and some lost. And then they went home.

So, why can't we do that in life? Why can't we all compete and do the best we can within society's protocols, and then just let it go? Why can't the insurgents in Iraq or the Janjawid in Sudan let it go and just go home?

The answer is fear; the cause behind all anger, war, attack, rape, and abuse is fear; and being afraid to forgive for fear that would vindicate their enemies.

The Olympics are such a good example that we are all the same, competing on this earth for all sorts of ultimately mundane and insignificant things, but being able to do so peacefully. The world does not have to be filled with hate, and anger, and war, and rape. We simply have to change our minds and learn the true lessons of peace and forgiveness.