Heaven Is Everywhere!

Look outside. Look around you.

Watch the trees sway in the breeze. Watch the waves crash onto the shore. See the snow drift down on the treetops.

Study the birds in flight. Gaze at the spider making its web. Pet your dog. Feel the cool water in the stream. Listen to the music.

We live here, so it often seems mundane, even fearful or antagonistic sometimes. But if you were trying to think up a paradise, could you even dream of a place that was as beautiful and unique as this earth? Who could conceive of the beauty and power of storms, the seas, lighting, thunder, or even a baby bird. It is unbelievable, this home of ours. This world is so remarkable, every bit of it.

Compared to nothingness, this life we have here - and that we share with all things on our planet and in the Universe - is perfection. This is our heaven, if we all could only realize it.

Stand back and think of this instant. This moment is at peace. Nothing is wrong with it, except what you might think in your own mind.

If you would only know this life is amazingly perfect - in spite of our human imperfection - then you would have the peace of heaven. Why not see the peace and love in everything around you?

Heaven is Everywhere! But only if you know it.