War Is Insane

It is time for the world to understand, really understand, that war and killing are completely insane. Many people assume that killing and war and anger and hate are the true nature of humans, and that they are the result of some existing evil among us.

There is no evil. The sole and total cause of all killing and war and anger and hate is fear. People are afraid that this or that will happen to them, and many times this fear comes from a deeper fear that their religion is somehow disrespected or at risk. These fears are irrational and nonsensical, because most religions base their beliefs on a god that has human characteristics since that’s all they can conceive. That does not do justice to the complexity of the Universe.

This is the time to realize that we are all the same, and that we are living our collective perfection. This is paradise, this remarkable blue planet, is heaven. It doesn’t really matter whether you believe we are here by chance or design; we’re here, all of us. This may be our only chance to participate in this unbelievably awesome experience. And so many waste it on being afraid of one another and being afraid that someone may think something about us.

It’s time to stop this madness. It’s time to recognize our perfection and the love we all share in the energy of the Universe. It’s time to learn forgiveness. We must learn to let go of the fears and everything arising from those fears.

We can do it, if we want to. We can have peace.