What Is Fonging?

Fonging is gathering with others as they tap on an oven rack attached to strings tied to fingers that are stuck in your ears, and listening to the primal sounds of the universe.

Fonging brings us together in laughter, and is much more sane than war.

Fonging Stories

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We recorded fonging for our

We recorded fonging for our song "What You Need to Hear" on our new record "It's Happening" by wrapping the string around the microphone. Its in the ending of the song.
It worked pretty good but its not as cool as actual fonging.
We would also recommend fiping (or fyuping) which involves percussively hitting one of those big exercise balls with your ear pressed against it.
Forever Fonging for Peace, Donksongs United

Hello there; this is Erasmus

Hello there; this is Erasmus Caffery with a safety update.
We have heard that some virgin fongers have put the ends of their shoe strings in their ears, rather than wrapping the strings around their fingers and then putting their fingers in their ears. Safety tip, don't put the strings directly into your ears, because those little hard parts at the end (called 'aglets') could damage your eardrums. And, you must understand that damaged eardrums could have an adverse impact on the ability to achieve satisfying eargasms!
Fong ON!


We were fonging with my

We were fonging with my daughter's friends from college and had a blast. I swear, I thought some of them would not open their eyes, they were so deep in fongland. This is great stuff.

Wanna do it again!

Fonging is the greatest

Fonging is the greatest thing ever and I do think it will lead to world peace!!

Fongin' Bro