What Is Fonging?

Fonging is gathering with others as they tap on an oven rack attached to strings tied to fingers that are stuck in your ears, and listening to the primal sounds of the universe.

Fonging brings us together in laughter, and is much more sane than war.

Top 10 Fongisms

  • Fong, Fonging, Fonger, Fongee - All terms that beg for Cliché-dom.
  • To Fong or Not to Fong?
  • Live Fong and Prosper
  • Life Is But a Fong
  • Fong Again?
  • All's Well That Fongs Well
  • Baby Fonger
  • Call It a Fong
  • Fong On!
  • Get Down and Fong
  • Mother Fonger
  • No Fongin' Way