Walkin' Home to You (3:10) - Andra Faye and the Mighty Good Men

In her beautiful voice, Andra Faye tells us about the love of a good relationship in this song from the CD of the same name. In spite of any troubles, the ability to love and forgive is the key. Nominated for two Handy awards, a member of Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women, and a versatile musician and singer, Andra Faye plays the mandolin and bass on this song, with her husband Chris Jones on finger-style guitar and Ken Phillips on lead guitar. For more information, please visit www.andrafaye.com. Copyright Andra Faye 2005.


I just keep walkin' one step at a time
Walkin', baby, 'cause it eases my mind
To know I'm walkin', walkin' home to you

If I ain't got no car, can't catch no bus
I'll start out walkin' and you can trust
I'd keep on walkin', walkin' home to you

I'd walk for miles; I'd walk for days
Cross a great mountain if it's in my way
I'd keep walkin', walkin' home to you

Everything I want is there you see
Home sweet home is you and me
Good hot lovin' and a good hot meal
What we got is oh so real

That's why I'm walkin' home to you
I'll keep walkin', crawl if I have to
I'll keep walkin', walkin' home to you


If I lose my shirt, lose my shoes
Lose my house, Lord, I'd lose my blues
'Cause I can still walk, baby, and home is anywhere I'm with you

I'll keep walkin', if that's what it takes
I'm walkin', though we both make mistakes
I'll keep walkin', walkin home to you (repeat last line…)