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Why is all this Fear stuff Important?

Do you wonder why people kill other people? The answer is fear, always fear.

Why do you think people get so angry? Yep, fear.

Why are people greedy? Why do they lie? Why are folks so afraid they won't have enough money, or power, or love? The answer is fear.

Whenever you say "I'm afraid of ..." or "They're afraid of ..." something, that is fear. Being afraid is fear. Fear is not love. Fear is caused by our limited human condition, by our limitations in what we can perceive. We are afraid of not having love, of not being with god, of dying.

Peace is Ours if We Want It

I don’t think it should be so hard to have peace in our world. Many people believe, or at least accept, that war is inevitable. That’s just a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Throughout history, the human race has believed things that weren’t true, or assumed some things weren’t possible. Everyone thought the earth was flat; they sure were wrong. I don’t think the Founding Fathers could ever have imagined one might travel across the land in a metal machine on wheels and easily go 6o miles in an hour.

The Holiday Spirit

It is so nice around the holidays, during the Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and similar celebrations. We look forward to fellowship, family, friends, and feelings of love.

But many people get depressed during the holidays, even though they want to have that love.


The holiday spirit is one we certainly would like to have all the time. We do feel generous, and close to others. Our common humanity shines through. We celebrate birth, renewal, and unity.

Of course, there is nothing truly different about this time of year than any other, except how we look at things.

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is so much to be thankful for; the energy of the Universe, this wonderful planet, all living things, our families and friends. Thankfulness is a "love-based" emotion.

The Upcoming Elections; Why are We So Afraid?

The elections are upon us. Both candidates try to make us afraid so we'll vote for them. And, of course, we have plenty to be afraid of: the terrorists, a jobless economy, high taxes, poor health care, rising oil prices, the right to choose life, ineffective alliances, the high cost of many unnecessary drugs, lagging education, gay marriage, the inability to use guns, etc.

Is there anything we're not afraid of? Aren't we even afraid of not being afraid of something?

Although many blame the candidates for fear mongering - and they certainly are - the real issue is the people.

The Family of Humans

You know that your mother and father, your sister and brother, and your children are part of your family. They are the same race, often the same religion, and probably have similar basic beliefs.

We also tend to think of the folks next door as similar to us, or the people we work or go to school or church with. Humans seem to develop significant bonds with people in the same region or country where they live. They wave the same flag and sing the same national anthem. They find comfort and security in people who believe in the same deity.

The Olympics are a good example that we're the same

What did you notice about the Olympics? Did you see how the swimmers looked all alike and swam at almost the same speed? Did you see the synchronized divers? How about the runners racing around the track?

Even though the athletes were from all over the planet, from every corner of the earth, there was a distinct similarity. Same as the spectators, too. People from every nation, culture, and religion are the same when you get right down to it. When you watch the Olympics, it's easy to see that we're all the same.

Sure, there was fierce competition.

What about Sudan, for instance…

The genocide, aka "ethnic cleansing," in Sudan provides a good study in what this is all about.

Friends say, "there must be evil, look at what is happening in Sudan." It's so easy to ascribe dastardly deeds to evil; to say that acts we can't explain are caused by the devil.

But it is also too simple. Blaming rape and killing on evil is a cop out. Saying man is inherently bad is simply a judgment based on one's own limited point of view.

The truth is that the crisis in Sudan is the result of fear.

Heaven Is Everywhere!

Look outside. Look around you.

Watch the trees sway in the breeze. Watch the waves crash onto the shore. See the snow drift down on the treetops.

Study the birds in flight. Gaze at the spider making its web. Pet your dog. Feel the cool water in the stream. Listen to the music.

We live here, so it often seems mundane, even fearful or antagonistic sometimes. But if you were trying to think up a paradise, could you even dream of a place that was as beautiful and unique as this earth? Who could conceive of the beauty and power of storms, the seas, lighting, thunder, or even a baby bird.

War Is Insane

It is time for the world to understand, really understand, that war and killing are completely insane. Many people assume that killing and war and anger and hate are the true nature of humans, and that they are the result of some existing evil among us.

There is no evil. The sole and total cause of all killing and war and anger and hate is fear. People are afraid that this or that will happen to them, and many times this fear comes from a deeper fear that their religion is somehow disrespected or at risk.

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