About Peace Evolutions LLC

Peace Evolutions LLC is a publishing company dedicated to helping the world learn that peace is not only possible, but everyone's true nature. The company publishes and distributes an eclectic array of books, poetry, fiction and literary works, CD's, hats, shirts, stickers, and other unique tools for peace.

Based in Bethesda, Maryland near the Potomac River, Peace Evolutions LLC celebrates the perfection and creativity of the Universe.

Author Bios

Jefferson Glassie

Jefferson Glassie has been studying and writing about concepts of peace for some thirty years. In Peace and Forgiveness, his first book published by Peace Evolutions, LLC, he provides a simple guide for finding peace of mind through forgiveness. His main goals in life are to learn and teach peace. Read his weblog, Peace Journal, right here on this website.

In addition to writing, Jeff is an attorney in Washington, DC representing nonprofit organizations. He has written and spoken extensively on nonprofit legal issues. He also established his law firm's Well-Being program.

Jeff lives in Maryland with his life partner Julie Littell, and he loves his children all the time. He also plays acoustic blues harmonica as much as he can.

Jeff recently delivered a presentation discussing the book he is currently working on to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fredericksburg entitled "A New Perspective On Faith." Click here to read a copy of the presentation.

Raphael Okure

Raphael Okure was born and raised in Nigeria, long after dinosaurs had roamed the Earth. He later moved to the United States, where he developed an appetite for fast food and a curiosity about extraterrestrial intelligence. While he doesn't personally know any aliens, he would like to invite some for a cup of tea.

Raphael has several High School Diplomas, a Certificate in Fine Arts and Design, and an unnamed degree from the University of Life, where he currently studies and lectures. Raphael is also a full-time father to a vivacious young guitar.

Lynda Allen

Lynda Allen is a storyteller. Through various forms of drawing and writing, including fiction, poetry, and children's stories, she shares the stories of hearts, of journeys and of Joy and Grace. Through her work she strives to inspire people to open their hearts and embrace their journey, both the dark and the light, with Joy. She is a founding member of Soul Fire, an organization dedicated to spiritual growth and awakening. Lynda's writings on the topic of Grace have grown into an annual celebration of A Day of Grace. Her inspirational poetry has now been published online by I Am Spirit online magazine, through Rev. Christopher Chenoweth's Positive Christianity Daily Inspirations, on the website for The Saint Francis Inn, as well as in print in newsletters for Rev. E.J. Niles' Embracing the Bible Ministries. Lynda has shared her work through readings at Unity Church of Fredericksburg and as a featured poet at The Wounded Bookshop in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Lynda also created and sold a calendar featuring her poetry and photographs of Sedona, Arizona. She has two websites for her work, www.conversationswithmysoul.com and www.adayofgrace.org. She is also an Assistant Teacher at a Montessori school in Fredericksburg.

Erasmus Caffery

Erasmus Caffery is an unusual character. His main claim to fame is that he wrote the book Fonging for the Soul, which according to everyone is the best book on fonging ever. He will even make public appearances for the sake of teaching the world to fong, which he believes will lead to world peace.

If you would like to book any of the Peace Evolutions authors, please send an email to info@peace-evolutions.com. Be sure to include your choice of date and location, as well as your contact information.